Sunday, February 2, 2014


So for quite some time now, maybe a few years, I have not been very excited about doing “digital art”, instead opting to continue with a more hands on medium, wood cuts. I guess I had been disillusioned with whole digital painting process and how abstract it felt for me. For many reasons, to numerous to list here, I did not feel connected to the images I produced on the computer and so was not inspired.

That being said, due to my history and work, I did keep my eye on the industry, software and followed some artists work with interest.
One such artist that has inspired me!

Matt Hubel : He has been  relentless in his pursuit of “bettering” his skills sets and process. I worked with Matt for almost a year at a video game company and it’s been a real pleasure to see his skills and process grow. A couple of days ago he released a simple youtube capture of one of his drawings that made me look at the medium with fresh eyes again.

I’m not sure why but after watching this video I actually wanted to sit down, open up photoshop and paint on the computer again. That has not happened in a long time.  I found a cool photo of the Onion Knight from Game of Thrones and used that as my reference for a grey scale study. It’s been a while and I need to set up more than one brush so as to get some more diverse texture but I actually had fun and whilst I’m not proud of the image per say I am “inspired” again to do a little more digital painting again.

So thanks Matt.

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