Saturday, June 30, 2007

Warmonger Concepts

I'm in the process of creating the designs for the Warmonger web page. Along with doing the webpage design I have to get screen shots, wallpapers etc created for the media/downloads section. Here are 2 concepts I painted when we were trying to figure out what Warmonger should look like:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Space

We finally got the web update for the NetDevil new space post up on, thanks to all those involved. Its in the form of a news entry so heres the link to the actual article as well For those too lazy to follow the link heres an image;

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jumpgate Evolution

So I would like to show what the Netdevil teams are working on, especially some of the LEGO Universe project. But unfortunately this is all under wraps right now besides a few concept/pre-viz images.

So instead I'll show you some images from Jumpgate Evolution and Warmonger for now. I am very proud of the accomplishments these small teams have made on re vamping our original Jumpgate project and developing a new physics based fps.

Below is an image that can be found on the JE web page but in case you all don't want to follow the links I'll post one here.

Below is a screen grab from Warmonger; Downtown Destruction. One thing to note in this game that does not show well in screen shots; it’s a fully destructible environment with a lot of “real” physics built in i.e. dust, embers and cloth (flags blow in the wind and react to other geometry in the scene accordingly).
Along with procedural destruction (each explosion has physical debris that is different each time a wall is destroyed). This was a huge hurdle for all the team members involved, Art, Design and Code. Its also something that not many other companies have accomplished.


Studio Art Director and part owner of NetDevil;
Last Friday we had our 10year anniversary party. At the same time we launched the web site for one of our latest projects;
Fun stuff, I'll try adding more info and images once I get this blogging down :)

Anyone intrested in applying for positions at NetDevil can follow this link

Started a Blog

This is my first attempt at creating a blog. The hope is I can start posting images and info for friends, family and fellow creatives to view.