Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tess Vigeland - WDS 2013

One of the folks that got me to think a lot about my own situation was Tess Vigeland. She posted on the WDS Facebook page and I typed up this response. Thought I'd share.

Tess Vigeland, your story had me tearing up. I am approaching my 50th Birthday and as a stiff upper lip Brit I’m not that in to crying. But your story struck home. For the past year or so I have been feeling those same emotions that caused the “What the hell are you doing” for you but for a second time over. You see I walked away from a career in what I thought was my passion several years ago. It was lucrative and successful and so that clouded my reality. It was the right thing to do . But I floundered around dabbling with my real passion, doing my own fine art for 6 months or so. But I did not stick at it, I felt foolish for walking away from that financial safety. I let my “counter mind” win out, “why would anyone want my art work” even though companies pay good money for my “Art Direction skills” in my career.

My heart sank deeper when you talked about that new opportunity and how it was the reason you quit, it was your destiny.

I got stuck in self doubt, so when that second opportunity came. I jumped back in to my career again. Back on a path that my career had groomed me for.

But its not my passion or destiny to make “Video Game”. WDS and your talk confirmed that for me. I already knew it since my health and emotions have been suffering. After some real heart to heart talks and support from my wife coming home from WDS we now have an exit strategy. Funny how your friends and family can see what’s not good for you before you can acknowledge it yourself.

I’m not jumping off the cliff this time but walking down a hill, with a plan my current employee supports, slowly phasing out.

I’m not sure where this new path is going to take us, but I know where its not going back too again. I already have a good start in this Fine Art path from my last attempt. But I know its right because I feel a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I wish you all the best and hope you find that meaningful thing your seeking. But I think you have found it. You connected with 3000 people in a meaningful way and i’m sure it filled you up as much as you did for us?

Thank you and all the other speakers and attendees. If your interested he’s a sampling of the path I carving -

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