Monday, February 14, 2011


What a series of months. Bought a new house, renovated new house, new baby, moved house, quit job, wife started new business, refinished old house, started a new job etc time for art :(

did start a new project however with the wife, in an attempt to make more artistic/meaningful photos: - Christa - Peter

Forgot to mention I am trying to use only the iphone to take the picture, and edit within any apps. that way I can stay focused on the tonality, texture and composition and worry all the other things that go along with SLR. Maybe I'll start another project with the cannon, if I can ever get it back from the wife :)


Q.Frost said...

Nice photos, cool idea - but you left NetDevil? What happened? Where are you now?

piza said...

Trying to get my head around what to do next :)