Thursday, May 20, 2010

Digital Sketch Pad

So I finally got around to testing all the iPad paint and sketch programs. So far "Layers Pro" is my favorite. this device is close to having a digital sketch book. The only issues that are holding me back from shouting its praises yet are resolution, pen quality/size and pressure sensitivity.

Any way here is my first real attempt at painting:


Nate Storm said...

Cool Peter- the ipad definitely seems like a step in the right direction. Hopefully we get something that meets all sketching needs within a few years, it seems like the time is right for it.

Q.Frost said...

Interesting - how would you equate the experience with other stand alone paint packages and a convertible laptop or a tablet?

I bought a Fujitsu Lifebook t4215 last year, which acts essentially as a thicker ipad, but uses the regular paint programs over apps, So I'm curious what you think.

piza - Peter Grundy said...

The iPad has a lot of restrictions in terms of pixel res and funcionality. It will never replace a full pc and set of paint apps but its not bad for a sketch pad so far. I just wish I could use it but the wife and kids are always on it when I have the urge to draw :)

Q.Frost said...

Heh, I know that song. They've taken over my other laptop and my desktop, so I'm down to the Lifebook, which doesn't leave my side. Good to know, thanks.