Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Warmonger web page goes live

The game site for warmonger has gone live. I did all the artwork for this site. Obviously using the game art and some concept pieces created from some of the team. One of our new artists, Shawn Watson helped out with the flash parts, thanks Shawn. I'm a little old school these days when it comes to "them fancy new softwares". Also thanks to Scott Bounds our programmer for making it all happen.

Anyway its not the best site in the world but it does represent the visuals of the game reasonable well. So heres the link:

I also did a fair amount of the UI on this project with a little help from Brian Mullaney. I wish mmo's were as simple to design for, in terms of UI, as FPS games are. I'll post some screens of that stuff later.

Seems like this site is all warmonger these days I need to put up some more from the other projects.

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